How to find the cheapest business electricity rates

There are so many variables and factors to consider to ensure your get the best electricity and gas rates for your business including unit price, annual consumption, meter type, industry you operate in, and the T&C’s that confirm what is fixed and what is not. We have compiled a simple list of considerations below to help you navigate […]

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How to reduce your carbon footprint

There are many ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint and save energy, including insulating your home, putting up solar panels or planting trees – but there are simpler ways too. We have put together a starter-list below that require little effort in your day to day life or financial investment. Transport This seems obvious […]

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Wind Power Generation in the UK: Five reasons to love it

The UK is the windiest country in Europe, allowing us to be in the perfect position to generate renewable energy from wind and we are beginning to take advantage of this completely clean and endless source of energy.   The UK is now the sixth largest wind power producer in the world after China, the USA, […]

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