Managed office complex

This managed workspace in the Sheffield area was owned and operated by the original developer. Office units are rented on short to medium term leases to startup businesses.

The rentals include all power bills and the owners had initially negotiated a deal with one of iM Energy competitors. However due to a lack of active management, the contract had long since expired and iM Energy identified this – the business owners had simply not realised this could happen and simply put the increased energy costs down to the recently advertised increase in gas and electricity.

With help from iM Energy, the owners were able to put their energy requirements to tender. All the leading power companies responded with offers that were significantly below the prices they were currently paying. In some cases as much as 35% lower, and after selecting the right tariff profile a deal was done which returned huge savings for the business.

With SmartTrack, iM Energy’s unique energy account management software, the contract renewal dates are logged and a new tender will automatically be made when the current deal’s renewal point is reached.