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Why should I switch my energy suppliers?

The simple answer is to save money. It’s often described as ‘switching’ because on the domestic energy market, switching your suppliers is commonplace, and has become very popular in recent years.
In reality you might not actually switch suppliers, but you will get a better deal from your existing supplier on a contract arranged and managed by IM Energy.

Why should I use IM Energy?

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Who sends me my bills?

IM Energy do not supply your electricity or gas so we won’t be sending you a bill. Your bills will come from the energy suppliers, at the contract rates arranged through IM Energy.

Why can’t I just make a deal of my own?

Since deregulation the energy companies have restructured their operations to enable them to compete on the supply of gas and electricity in its raw form. They simply don’t have the resources to manage your contracts for you, nor to deal with thousands of enquiries from businesses with literally millions of electricity and gas meters.
You might be offered a deal, if you persist, but they have no obligation to tell you that another energy company is cheaper in your area. So you’d have to ring all the power companies to get all the prices, and then start comparing the contract terms. The chances are by the time you’ve done that, the deals you were offered will have changed.

So what do IM Energy do?

IM Energy automatically issue a tender to those companies which we know are offering the best energy deals in your area, that will suit your usage profile.

We get the answers back very quickly through our automated system which links us straight to the power companies.
You’ll be presented with the deals available, and offered advice on contract terms. It really couldn’t be simpler.

How do I go about reducing my bills?

Complete a letter of authority and send over a copy of your latest bill, we will do the rest.

Does this service cost me anything?

We don’t ask you to pay for our service up front.  We get paid commission by our suppliers when a contract is accepted and that chosen supplier may pay an introduction fee.  Depending on the supplier, the introduction fee may be included in the price of the contract.

How many suppliers do you get prices from?

We get prices from the big 6 plus a number of other suppliers which you might not be aware of.